Far Cry 6 delves into the mind of Anton Castillo & outlines its season pass content

Far Cry 6 has been a hot topic ever since it was revealed, and that was certainly true of today’s event. It was during that affair when Ubisoft shared two new things from the upcoming and great looking open world shooter. The first takes the form of a character trailer, which chronicles the first meeting between protagonist Dani Rojas and Yaran dictator Anton Castillo. Meanwhile, the latter is all about the game’s season pass, and the content it will offer post-game.

For the first time in series history, players will be able to take control of some of Far Cry‘s most notorious villains, including Vaas Montenegro, Pagan Min and Joseph Seed, all of whom will be voiced by their original actors. This will be handled through post-game DLC episodes, which will explore the villains’ backstories, battle their inner demons and reunite us with familiar faces. What may turn some off, though, is the fact that these episodes will feature rogue-like gameplay, wherein users will have to become strong enough to survive multiple levels of each villain’s psyche.

The Far Cry 6 Season Pass will also thankfully bring Far Cry: Blood Dragon back, in a new Classic Edition. Through it, fans and newcomers alike will be able to replay or experience one of the series’ best outings for the first time. We can’t wait to return to its colourful, 80s movie-inspired world.

The Season Pass is available as part of the Gold Edition for $129.99, Ultimate Edition for $149.99, and as a standalone for $49.99. It includes the following content:

  • DLC Episode 1: “Vaas: Insanity”
  • DLC Episode 2: “Pagan: Control”
  • DLC Episode 3: “Joseph: Collapse”
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon***
    • The Blood Dragon Set, which includes:
      • One outfit: Blood Dragon Gear Set
      • Two weapons: AJM9 and Kobracon
      • One vehicle: Omega Enforcer
      • One weapon charm: KillStar
      • One Fang for Hire: K-9000
      • One vehicle Chibi: Blood Dragon Chibi

Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7th.