Back 4 Blood brings zombie-filled gameplay to E3 2021

If we hadn’t already been looking forward to Turtle Rock’s Left 4 Dead spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood, we certainly would be after today’s showing. While the upcoming, 4-player co-op shooter didn’t bring much in the way of new information to E3 2021, its developers did share a great looking extended gameplay trailer. One that is not only full of zombies, but also new creatures that probably haven’t been seen before, including a massive beast that dwarfs the land. That plus lots of shooting, explosions and close encounters.

Although we said little was shared in the way of new information, we’d be lying if we said we learned nothing outside of the existence of some of those beasts. Said trailer actually showed a brand new game mode, called Swarm, which allows players to battle against each other in 4v4 gameplay. As you’ve likely suspected already, one team will play as the human heroes while the other will control the creatures who hunt them.

Back 4 Blood will be released this on October 8th, and it’s looking great.