GRID Legends revealed for a 2022 release

During today’s EA Play 2021 livestream, the video game giant revealed a new entry in Codemasters’ long running GRID series. They call it GRID Legends, and it’s set to debut in 2022.

In development for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC, GRID Legends is a beautiful looking game. One that promises to put the player in the heart of the action, within a career mode that mixes ‘thrilling motorsport action’ with ‘an immersive storyline.’ That, plus a quarter century of racing history.

It’s been 24 years since GRID first came to life, and it’s taken numerous shapes since. This is a new and advanced chapter of that story, which will take the series to new heights according to developer promises. To accomplish this, it will offer:

  • An in-depth story mode featuring a real-life cast and a documentary style of production
  • Racing variety: From single seaters to touring cars and big rigs, there’ll be a lot of vehicles to race. The different classes will provide a lot of variety, as well. Plus, all cars will be upgradeable.
  • 130 different routes to race upon, including real-life courses like Indianapolis, returning favourites like San Francisco and Paris, and new locations like Moscow and London.
  • GRID Legends Race Creator: Create your ideal event, choosing the location, vehicle type, weather and amount of laps. This includes snow.

As mentioned above, GRID Legends is set to release sometime next year.