Attention soldiers! Activision has officially revealed that both Call of Duty: Black Ops – Cold War and Warzone will receive their Season Five Battle Passes and Initial Bundles later today. According to the release, this will occur at 9am PST, or noon Eastern.

What will this involve?

  • 100 new Tiers
  • An ultra-rare weapon blueprint
  • New Operator skins and finishing move: Kitsune, Garcia with mission
  • The ability to earn up to 300 COD Points
  • Crimson Oni Watch
  • Seasonal XP boost
  • Unique skins
  • New free weapons and blueprints

For more details, head over to the Call of Duty Blog. It’s got a lengthy, in-depth and honestly kind of confusing wrap up of everything that is on offer here.

You’ll have to both play and spend in order to unlock some of these things, because most parts of this content drop are locked behind certain amounts of COD Points.

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