The Gunk will bring colourful sci-fi exploration to Xbox and PC this winter

During today’s gamescom at Home presentation, Microsoft debuted a brand new gameplay trailer for The Gunk. That is, the third-person sci-fi exploration game from the creators of the award winning Steamworld series.

The Gunk stars Rani, who arrives on an alien planet alongside her friend Beks. Once there, they discover that the surface has been overrun by the gunk this game is named after, and must do their part to help rid it of said infestation. This journey will take them across uniquely different biomes, including “a rocky canyon region, a dense jungle, deep subterranean caves (we couldn’t help ourselves) and a few more surprises, too,” according to Thunderful’s Ulf Hartelius. Needless to say, it both looks and sounds quite interesting.

Expect to be able to play The Gunk this December, on all Xbox consoles and PC. Those who do will get to experience stable 30FPS on Xbox One, or 60FPs and (up to) 4K resolution on Xbox Series and PC.