Far Cry 6 to receive Joseph: Collapse DLC early next week

The third and final piece of planned Far Cry 6 DLC will release on February 8th, according to a new communication from Ubisoft. At that point, the game’s season pass will come to an end, along with what we perceive to be all of the game’s major add-ons.

Like its two predecessors, this final add-on will mark the return of a popular villain from the series’ past. This time around, it’s Joseph Seed, the backwoods cult leader from Far Cry 5, who will star in Joseph: Collapse.

Players will embody Joseph Seed, the iconic villain from Far Cry® 5, in a twisted version of Hope County, Montana for a brand-new experience inspired by the roguelite genre. Blending intense action and storytelling, Joseph: Collapse will provide a unique opportunity for players to tap into Joseph’s tortured mind, face off against his former cult followers after his faith has collapsed, and ultimately confront his family members as he struggles to conquer his inner demons.

Players must own Far Cry 6 to access this new content. However, the DLC will be playable in co-op, and with the Buddy Pass, Joseph: Collapse owners can invite another Far Cry 6 player (on the same platform) to join them for co-op play, even if the invitee does not own the DLC.

In celebration, digital editions of Far Cry 6 have been discounted up to 40%.