As Fortnite nears the first episode of its third season, the team at Epic Games have partnered with Naughty Dog and Sony to release a few Uncharted characters into the Fortnite mix.

Both Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazer will be playable in the game, and will each have two variations: original game and new movie, the latter of which recreates Tom Holland and Sophia Ali’s likeness as Drake and Frazer, respectively.

The trailer (above) was revealed as part of a treasure hunt hosted by Epic Games which encouraged gamers to work to find the solution. The key to cracking the vault was discovered to be Sic Parvis Magna (without the spaces), the latin inscription on the ring that Drake wears around his neck. It translates roughly to “Great things come from small things.”

The video shows off some very Uncharted-esque combat, mixed in with classic Fortnite style, and is sure to be a treat for fans of both franchises.

This also marks the second time Tom Holland is appearing in Fortnite, as Spider-Man has also made an appearance.

Fortnite launches with the Uncharted content on February 17, the day before the film hits theatres.

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