If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair, you might find this news of interest.

Earlier today, DXRacer revealed a new line of gaming chairs that they refer to as the DXRacer Craft Series. The reason for this name is the fact that these chairs can be customized by the buyer or intended recipient, allowing for a personalized result.

Personalize anyone’s one-of-a-kind gaming chair with images on the front, sides and back of the hand-tailored chair; complimented by high-quality, vibrant embroidery. The Craft Series combines distinctive designs with top-shelf comfort, featuring polyurethane leather, integrated lumbar support, and a free cool gel memory foam pillow. Custom Craft Series orders require a minimum order of six chairs per design.

On top of innovative personalization options, the Craft Series pushes comfort and adjustability to the next level with this latest addition to the DXRacer roster. Taking cues from the luxurious Master Series, the Craft Series features soft polyurethane leather, integrated lumbar support, a magnet recliner cover, as well as a free cool gel memory foam pillow, all sitting atop a sturdy aluminum base.

The DXRacer Craft series will go up for pre-order tomorrow, and will set you back at least $469.99. That is, if you’re in the United States. The press release only mentions that country.

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