John Romero releases new Doom II level to support Ukraine

John Romero has released a new level for a game that came out 28 years ago.

Doom II is getting its first DLC in the form of a level that the game’s co-creator released via his website today for $5, all proceeds from which will be donated to the Red Cross and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund to assist Ukraine.

The level, called One Humanity, comes in the form of a *.wad file, an extension designed for the original Doom and its sequel, Doom II: Hell on Earth. The downloadable level does not include the original game.

The level itself is a relatively small area with a lot of eye switches, bridges that raise through what is a very vertical map, a couple of transporters, and more than a few traps and secrets. It has a par just over two minutes, but that would be a rush to complete for even experienced Doom II players.

One Humanity is available now for $5.