Quake II Enhanced Rerelease Available Now

Quake II — id Software’s 1997, Strogg-stomping first-person shooter — has just been rereleased in an enhanced and remastered form. Through it, players can expect:

  • Up to 4K* and widescreen resolution support
  • Enhanced models
  • Improved enemy animations and gore
  • Improved and restored AI behaviors
  • Enhanced cinematics, dynamic and colored lighting, anti-aliasing and depth of field
  • The original heavy rock soundtrack by Sonic Mayhem, and more
  • Online multiplayer and co-op support

Quake II also includes both original mission packs: “The Reckoning,” featuring 18 campaign levels and 7 deathmatch maps, and “Ground Zero,” featuring 15 campaign levels and 14 deathmatch maps.

Lastly, MachineGames has created its own new expansion. Details to follow.

A brand-new Quake II experience from MachineGames consisting of 28 campaign levels and one multiplayer deathmatch map. In the depths of Strogg space lies the Machine, a singularity capable of collapsing the fabric of reality. Fight across time and space to find the Strogg-Maker, destroy it, and change the destiny of man and machine.