Time Loader brings time travel and physics puzzles to consoles

A year after its original PC release, Flazm and META Publishing have ordered Time Loader onto consoles. As of today, it’s also playable on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

Time Loader takes us back to the 90s, and does so using an interesting narrative hook, time travel and a robot that must complete physics based environmental puzzles with the help of the player. Simply put, we have to help the little homemade RC robot get from one point to another, so that it can complete its tasks. This includes traversing through a cluttered home, finding upgrades and looking for secrets.

Here’s what the press release promises:

  • Traverse the maze that is the 90s childhood home of your creator – upgrading yourself as you go.
  • Utilise homemade items to form harpoons, boosters and screwdrivers!
  • Solve intuitive, physics based puzzles to progress – and change the timeline to fabricate the future your creator desires
  • Experience three alternative endings depending on the things you choose to change – and for those perceptive explorative players, a secret ending is on the cards
  • Lose yourself in an immersive story with a companionable RC robot guiding you through the aches and pains of the alternative timelines you’ll inevitably create

According to the release, this is also an award-winning indie title, as it was previously awarded Indie Blast’s ‘Best Gameplay (2020)’ title, and Unfold Games’ ‘Best Level Design (2021)’ honour.

We’ve received a review code for Time Loader, and will have our opinion piece up within the next several days. Please check back.