Supermassive announces The Quarry, a spiritual successor to Until Dawn

This was a great day for fans of both horror and choose-your-own-adventure stories, not to mention scary movies in general. Why is that? Well, developer Supermassive Game revealed something huge, with that being its spiritual successor to the best game of 2015: Until Dawn. They call it The Quarry.

Like Until Dawn before it, The Quarry will task us with trying to keep a number of familiar faces alive. This time around, the cast will include Ariel Winter from Modern Family and David Arquette from the Scream series, as well as Siobhan Williams, Justice Smith, Skyler Gisondo, Brenda Song, Halston Sage, Ethan Suplee, Lin Shaye, Lance Henriksen and Ted Raimi. If you’re a genre fan, you should recognize some of those names.

Although we don’t know what type of threat the nine playable characters will have to survive, we’re hoping that it’ll end up being some sort of slasher. It’s likely, too, given that the game centres on a group of camp counselors during their final night in upstate New York. That brief synopsis certainly brings one particular, machete-wielding, monster to mind. Then again, this isn’t a licensed Friday the 13th game, so it’s not like Mr. Voorhees will actually stalk these real life actors.

The announcement trailer has a nice mixture of campiness and cliches, along with a ton of intrigue and potential. Check it out below:

Here’s hoping that The Quarry will truly be the Until Dawn sequel, or successor, that we’ve been itching for. While the The Dark Pictures Anthology games have been okay, they’ve been lacking. We’ll find out for sure on June 10th, when the game hits PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC.