Hogwarts Legacy showcased during PlayStation State of Play; gets holiday release window

Earlier today, Sony lifted the proverbial lid on one of gaming’s most talked about projects: Hogwarts Legacy. In fact, they dedicated an entire PlayStation State of Play presentation to it.

Originally revealed back in 2020, Hogwarts Legacy is — as you surely know — a triple-A game based on J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter franchise. Through it, players hope to live out their dreams of becoming wizards within the beloved literary universe, and developer Avalanche Software promises just that. Here’s hoping they’ll deliver thoroughly when the game launches this holiday season.

Although little has been said about the actual plot, we do know that Hogwarts Legacy will allow fans of the wizarding world to enter the magical school as fifth year students. They won’t do this in modern day, though, nor will it occur in the same time period as the books and movies did. Instead, the campaign will send us back to the 1800s, during much earlier days of magical educating.

Today’s presentation showcased gameplay, including some of the activities that those with interest will be able to engage in. For starters, there’s the opportunity to be sorted into your own house, which I know is a huge thing for Potterheads. Then, there’s taking classes, engaging in magical duels, exploring the iconic school, raising magical creatures and riding a winged mount. These are just some of the activities and available mechanics, though, so don’t worry if your most anticipated thing wasn’t in the previous list.

Of course, this will all come after creating one’s own wizard, which will be another huge drawing point for this particular fan-base.

Stay tuned for more information pertaining to Hogwarts Legacy as it develops further. For now, check out the aforementioned PlayStation State of Play video below: