Run your own lodge in THQ Nordic’s Way of the Hunter

Earlier today, THQ Nordic opened the proverbial curtain and revealed a new IP it calls Way of the Hunter. It’s in the works for PC and next-gen consoles.

In Way of the Hunter, players will control a character who’s inherited his family hunting lodge from his grandfather. This leaves him responsible for hunting, running operations and making sure that their meat selling business remains profitable. As players, we will achieve this by exploring different biomes and hunting in what is said to be a rich, open world. In fact, it’s said that the game has two large regions, with one being based on the USA and the other being European.

You can expect numerous pieces of authentic hunting gear, lifelike tactics and animals, as well as co-op capabilities.

“With Way of the Hunter, we are going to start a new franchise” said David Durčák, CEO, Nine Rocks Games. “The Way of the Hunter franchise finally gives this expansive audience of players a hunting experience as rich in story-telling as it is realistic in ballistic simulation. To create the best game possible, we’ve assembled a seasoned team of skilled professionals, who worked on games like DayZ or the Cabela’s hunting games before.”