New Saints Row trailer highlights the game’s incredible customization options

If you ever worried that the upcoming Saints Row reboot would lack customization options, those fears were all for naught. As the game’s latest trailer shows, this next iteration of the over-the-top sandbox action series has made a point of being as customizable as ever.

While previous Saints Row games offered lots of colourful character customization options, along with some pretty out there outfits, this one takes things to a new level. Through it, you’ll be able to create the exact character you’ve been dreaming of, down to their age, underwear and eyebrow colours. Hell, you can pick the colours of individual sections of hair on their heads, and can do the same with their outfits.

This incredible level of customization and personalization extends to the game’s weapons and vehicles, allowing what looks to be an unprecedented level of creativity. Not only can you alter the look of each part of a vehicle, but you can seemingly do the same with your weapons. There’s even an El Mariachi guitar case weapon homage.

Needless to say, it looks to be exactly what the creative gamers amongst us have been hoping for.

We can’t wait to get our hands on Saints Row, which is scheduled to release this August.