Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open will tell a macabre tale on PC and consoles

Fans of macabre horror will want to keep an eye on Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open, which is targeting an early 2023 release onto consoles and PC. It will do so, then, in the form of a stylishly presented Malaysian and Chinese ghost story.

Third Eye Open follows a young Chinese-Malaysian girl named Ting as she comes of age alongside Xiu, a mysterious spirit only she can see. Navigate the trials and tribulations of school, social, and home life via a collection of minigames as calming as creating a barbecue platter to as harrowing as fleeing from phantoms.

Converse with friends and family with a timed dialogue system simulating heated arguments and tough questions. Explore environments including spooky schools and haunted houses in a gorgeous art style inspired by Southeast Asian paper puppetry. Engage in the region’s rich history with in-game sounds recorded on location in Malaysia.

Those with interest can currently play 7PM, a one hour-long short story that will be bundled with Paper Ghost Stories’ console versions. It’s only available on PC right now.

Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open will manifest onto PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One/Series, PC and Switch early next year.