Last year, Xbox released a limited number of Pride-themed controllers for purchase by those in the community, their friends and their allies. This time around, the gaming giant has taken things a step further, by releasing a customizable Pride controller within Xbox Design Labs. It brings together 34 community flags in a fine, interwoven manner to celebrate the intersectionality and strength of the many LGBTQIA+ communities.

Said controller will become available for purchase on June 9th, and will be up for sale year round.

Microsoft is also honouring Pride Month in other ways, including by making Tell Me Why free to download.

  • Sharing how Xbox + Microsoft is giving back to the LGBTQIA+ community. In the last year alone, Microsoft has donated over $8M to organizations that support LGBTQIA+ communities. Today, Microsoft and Xbox announced an additional $170,000 donation to multiple LGBQTIA+ organizations, as well as the option for players to donate MS Rewards points to Mermaids, OutRight Action International, and National Center for Transgender Equality
  • Announcing that Tell Me Why will be free to download and play for the entire month of June. DONTNOD, the studio behind Tell Me Why will also be donating to Transgender Law Center and Trans Lifeline, two non-profit organizations offering resources and support to trans, non-binary and genderqueer people, as well as hosting livestreams.
  • Livestream takeovers on the Xbox Twitch Channel, featuring LGBQTIA+ streamers like Nikatine, Dragtrashly, Lanieloveee, Itsmeholly, and IamBrandon.
  • In-game content including a brand-new emblem and nameplate in Halo Infinite as well as rainbow liveries within the Forza franchise
  • Pride gear from the Xbox Gear Shop and more!

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