We’re quickly approaching the 40th anniversary of Microsoft Flight Simulator, which is a big deal to both the creators and the series’ fans.

To mark this celebratory occasion, Microsoft has a bunch of goodies in store for those who play the newest iteration on Xbox and PC, including:

Microsoft Flight Simulator: 40th Anniversary Edition: a free upgrade, which will introduce fan favourite airplanes from the series’ past, along with helicopters. Yes, you read that right.

Helicopters are coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator with all new mechanics and controls specially built to simulate their real-life counterparts.

Halo is also joining the party, thanks to a controllable UNSC Pelican drop ship. In today’s trailer, it’s even seen flying in space.

The aforementioned fan favourite planes, which are poised to make a return, include: the Wright Flyer, Spirit of St. Louis, DC-3, De Havilland Beaver, and the Airbus A310. The helicopter roster will also feature the Bell-407 and gliders.

The 40th anniversary festivities will begin in November.

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