High on Life is a new, colourful, FPS from the creator of Rick & Morty

If you were hoping to see something colourful, surreal and unique at today’s Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, you were in luck. Justin Roiland, the creator of Rick & Morty, showcased his studio’s brand new game, High on Life.

Set on alien planets, High on Life tasks the player with standing up for humanity. You see, the aliens have captured us, and they’re using we humans to create some sort of drug, so that’s not good.

In order to save humanity, you’ll have to master unique and living weapons, do battle against quirky and unique alien species, and never give up.

“I wanted to make games that I wanted to play, and that was the spark that sort of lit the fire of Squanch Games.” Roiland said in a press release, “Then we shipped Trover, we shipped Accounting+, and now we’re on this absolute dream game that we were kind of building towards this whole time.”

High on Life is in development for Xbox One, Xbox Series and PC. It’s targeting a 2022 release.