Is New Tales From the Borderlands going to be released in October? A leak suggests so

Amazon may have let the proverbial cat out of the bag, by listing a retail copy of 2K Games and Gearbox Software’s New Tales From the Borderlands on its website. Said listing, which has since been taken down, stated that the sequel to the well liked but monetarily underwhelming episodic game will be released in October.

Given that this listing contained box art, and that it was posted on Amazon — as opposed to some shady retailer — it’s tough to think of it as being fake or untrue. Thus, we’re quick to believe that we will, in fact, get to play New Tales From the Borderlands on the 21st of October. Here’s hoping at least, as the first game was really good.

New Tales From the Borderlands is a Telltale-free sequel to an episodic Telltale game. It was revealed back in April, but we haven’t heard a whole lot about it since. We do know that it’s in development for Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series, PlayStation 5 and PC, and is being developed in house at Gearbox Software.