Two new Skull and Bones trailers detail the dangers of the pirate lifestyle

During today’s Ubisoft Forward presentation, the folks behind Skull and Bones unleashed two new trailers for the upcoming pirate game. Videos that promise those with interest a look at “the bloody race between corporations and pirates to control the Indian Ocean and a glimpse of the formidable weaponry players will use to secure their shares.”

In its World Context trailer, Skull and Bones revealed the truth behind the second Golden Age of Piracy: The Indian Ocean torn between power, riches, and blood, at the mercy of powerful corporations. These fierce fleets traded and exported valuable exotic goods to the West, and in the violent race to control rare resources, pirates showed no mercy. The world of Skull and Bones gives players the opportunity to become one of these legendary Kingpins by sailing dangerous waters, creating secret deals, and building a pirate empire.

Meanwhile, its Ubisoft Forward Gameplay Trailer unveiled ship personalization as a key to outsmarting rivals. A great pirate should look the part to be feared, but also tactically weaponize their ship to sink enemies. Players must master their ship to prevail in dangerous storms and survive. In the seas of Skull and Bones, one is always on the edge of losing it all.

Skull and Bones will raise its flag and set sail on November 8th, and will do so on Xbox Series, PS5, PC, Luna and Stadia.