What is Gotham Knights? Find out by watching the game’s new trailer

With only a couple of days remaining before its much talked about release, the folks behind Gotham Knights have released a new overview trailer called ‘What is Gotham Knights?’ By watching this new video, those who are on the fence will be able to learn more about the game, including what to expect from its open world and its ties to the Batman universe.

One of the main focuses of this trailer is each individual playable character’s combat style, including Nightwing’s acrobatics, Robin’s stealth, Red Hood’s brutal force and Batgirl’s hacking abilities. You’ll also get to see how these characters gain experience points and level up at the same time, meaning that it doesn’t matter who you choose to play as. Moving on, there’s also talk about drop-in/drop-out co-op, and the game’s open world.

Gotham Knights is coming to Xbox Series S/X, PlayStation 5 and PC this Friday, October 21st.