Vertigo Games shares new PS VR2 trailer for After the Fall

A game that received award(s) for being one of the best virtual reality experiences has been given a new trailer. One that focuses on its next venture, with that being a PS VR2 release.

The game in question is After the Fall (Complete Edition), which is being ported to Sony’s next VR goggles in time for a February 22nd release.

According to its press release, After the Fall: Complete Edition “will reach an astounding level of immersion that will jolt players as they experience real haptic feedback, a 4K HDR display, and a 110° field of view.” If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s a fast-paced shooter that offers up to 4 player co-op.

After The Fall PS VR2 Features:

  • Improved 110° field of view
  • Crisp 4K HDR graphics
  • Truly immersive gunplay (headset feedback & controller haptics + adaptive triggers)
  • Including all-new content (incl. two new locations: Hospital & Subway)
  • Full cross-platform multiplayer on PS VR2