Meet Dead Island 2’s zombie slayers

Before you venture out into a hellish landscape filled with brain thirsty zombies, you’ll want to get to know your mates. These are the folks who’ll aid you, or perhaps even who you’ll embody in Dead Island 2.

Earlier today, PLAION released a brand new traiker for the recently delayed zombie game, which you can see below. It introduces a ‘slayer,’ whose name is Dani.

Dani is all about takin’ names, breaking rules, and shooting zombies directly in the face, a worthwhile skill set to have in the dangerous world of HELL-A, to be sure. You don’t want to find yourself on Dani’s bad side, so make sure not to take her abilities for granted.

If you’ve yet to become acquainted with the others (Amy, Jacob and Ryan), you can do so now.

Dead Island 2 will be released on April 28th.