Those who sail the Sea of Thieves will be happy to hear that Season 9 has officially begun. Said content update is now available through Xbox Game Pass and on Xbox and PC versions of the game, as a result.

Read on for details:

Season 9 introduces Chests of Fortune, valuable chests that can only be found within a conquered Fort of Fortune. Players that can overcome the challenge of hunting one down can turn them in for pieces of the new Fates of Fortune ship set. Players can also earn pieces from this set from The Reaper’s Bones by turning in Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties. The symbol of the ultimate treasure hunter, the Fates of Fortune range of cosmetics will continue to expand in future updates, with Chests of Fortune moving around the world to be earned in different ways.

Additionally, Season 9 introduces a range of quality-of-life updates to enhance the experience on the seas. Players can expect updates to World Events, both in making events such as the kraken and the megalodon more common occurrences while also scaling these events more effectively to match different crew sizes. Doubloons can now be spent on new Pirate Legend-exclusive voyages, and ship captains will find an expanded Captains Logs that contain blow-by-blow accounts of their most recent exploits.

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