Cults, Classic Cars, and Catastrophe Await in Bahnsen Knights

Today marks the release of the third entry in LCB Studios’ Pixel Pulps series of games. That is, Bahnsen Knights, which is now available on consoles.

“ Lead undercover investigator Boulder through a landscape ravaged by F5 tornadoes and a malicious car-obsessed cult, the Bahnsen Knights, and earn their trust to survive long enough to discover the truth.

Deftly weave through traffic and ominous conversations alike, play minigames and puzzles, and make hard choices to avoid impending doom looming around every corner.

Follow Toni, the cult’s leader and former car salesman, to figure out what happened to Boulder’s friend and missing partner, Cupra. Learn just exactly what these “route exorcisms” are that everyone’s talking about before Boulder meets an untimely demise.

Drive through multiple outcomes of dark conclusions and explore a choice-based detective tale that branches into different aspects of humanity’s capacity for terror.”

Bahnsen Knights is now available for Xbox, PlayStation and Switch. It’s $9.99 USD.