Tides of Tomorrow debuts at Day of the Devs

The next title from Road 96 developers, DigixArt Studios, made an appearance at today’s Day of the Devs event. They call it Tides of Tomorrow, and it’s an adventure game of sorts.

Tides of Tomorrow is an adventure game set on an ocean planet, Elynd, where a deadly disease is threatening all life. Players must explore the various floating towns and villages across the world, deal with threats as they pop up, and try and find a cure.

Across this aquatic world players will encounter three different factions, each with their own distinct personality. Pick your allies carefully, as every decision has the potential to create new adversaries.

In addition, decisions players make will have consequences for others following in your footsteps, with the game’s unique asynchronous system allowing players to follow the path of their friends and other players, experiencing the fallout of their choices.

“We wanted to explore a different world – in this case an oceanic one – and inject a little fantasy element too,” said DigixArt’s Studio’s Director Yoan Fanise. “Additionally, we wanted to push the boundaries of how we constructed the narrative of Road 96 and develop some real innovation into storytelling, with Tides of Tomorrow your choices impact not just your world but other players too. I think we’ve come up with something very innovative.”

You can wish list Tides of Tomorrow on Steam.