Gearing up for the MMVAs!


I’m officially starting the 5 day countdown to the 2009 Much Music Video Awards! We’re almost there, and I’ve got the scoop on everyone that’ll be there, and I’ll be chatting with some celebrities, getting red carpet photos, and be hanging out backstage at the press booth for some all-too-candid moments with the biggest celebrities. Jump the break to see my favourites!

Here are the people I am most looking forward to bumping butts with:

Billy Talent: I have to find out everything about III, their upcoming studio release, and find out what makes the band tick while they’re in hiding cranking away at their records for years at a time. The last one was 2006, for jeebus sake!

Lady Gaga: Dude.  She’s Lady Gaga.  I just want to stare into her eyes, uh, sunglasses.

Perez Hilton: Maybe I’ll get some blogging tips, perhaps a few cheesy photos, maybe a kiss (think or some sound bytes for the all new Eggplante (hint, hint), but I just hope I get to chat with him for a bit!

Kelly Clarkson: Alright, so people thought that it couldn’t be done.  American Idol winners can’t really be stars.  After all, what other winner has made it huge?  Well, Kelly is the exception and she’s doing it the best, so I want to find out everything about her, and whether or not her life would suck without me.  And if she’s sure she doesn’t just hook up. Damn, two bad song puns for one artist.  Moving on… 

Lights: Okay, so I’ve met Lights on two occasions, and she’s a totally awesome music-head with some insane sounds. Hopefully I’ll have the chance to get an interview and some face time with the venerable Poxleitner!

The Midway State: Another group that is on my list of who I’ve already met, but it would be great to do a follow-up to my April interview on Guttersnipe.

The Black Eyed Peas: Their albums have a different sound from one to the next, yet they’re clearly evolutionary and progressive. Not sure if they’ll have the time for a sit-down, I mean they are very 3008 while I unfortunately remain here in two-thousand and, well, nine.  Crap, that didn’t rhyme.

Nickelback: Yes. Absolutely. Canadian. Rock. Gods.  And apparently they love Nutella.

There are TONS more celebs appearing at this year’s fiesta, and you can check out the madness yourself by heading over to or your local Much Music broadcast at 9 pm this Sunday, June 21st!  Hosting are none other than the Jonas Brothers (about eight million tween girls just sighed) and some non-music celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Chris Bosh are going to be at the soiree.

See you all there!