The State of Gaga


Our friends over at The Midway State, the Canadian pop phenomenon, have officially paired up with mega international hit-maker Lady Gaga for a collaboration and cover of the classic “Don’t Give Up”. The original Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush version, released over twenty years ago, has been covered by numerous artists, including Alicia Keys, Willie Nelson, and Bono.

At the Much Music Video Awards, Lady Gaga was asked what she thought of the experience.  ”It was really exciting doing that collaboration with them, and I really let Midway State take the lead with it.”

That is quite a lot of pressure for anyone, let alone a small Canadian rock band.  In any case, the guys were obviously up to the task, as they were reportedly so thrilled with the outcome that they made a video almost instantly.

Unfortunately, the song has been leaked (no, I won’t be saying how you can get it) and that really “puts a little damper on things” said Midway frontman Nathan Ferraro. No official release has been announced, but you can bet that it is coming soon.  Lady Gaga is currently working hard on what is presumably her new album, as well as multiple collaborations, while The Midway State should have a new single coming out any day now.