Interview: STEREOS at Wakestock!



I got the opportunity to chat with Stereos at Wakestock this past weekend and, as much fame as they have had thrust upon them in such a short two months, they remain humble and appreciative of the support they’ve been receiving.

Eggplante: So you’ve gone platinum with Summer Girl, perhaps even double platinum, you beat the Black Eyed Peas in two days on the charts, you’ve signed with Universal Music and have a record coming out in a few short months. So what is next? Obviously, you guys are just starting out, but you’ve already done so much.

Stereos: The world’s next! We gotta hit the States next I hope; get our stuff out there before Summer is up, but we wanna have fun with it too, so we try to switch it up and that just makes things better for everybody.

E: So you guys started out as Turn It Up, then Stand By Me, then Stereos, but no “The“.

S: But everywhere we go it’s still “The Stereos” on our tent and trailers, so we always cross out the “The” ’cause it’s not us.

E: And that’s good that you’re stereos, ’cause no one wants mono sound, right?

S: No one wants mono!

E: Hahaha, so many ways I could take that.  Alright, classic Eggplante question; peanut butter or nutella?

S: Did you say peanut butter OR nutella?  See, I think that Dan always has peanut butter, but you guys think that he has nutella. Maybe it’s just 50-50. (Pat) I like peanut butter. (Aaron) I’m all about the crunchy peanut butter. Dude, I love it. The peanuts get in the bread on your sandwich. Love it. Tear it. Tear that bread apart!

This guy has passion for peanut butter!


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E: Wow, alright, so back to the music. So apparently there’s something called the Rock Band Community launching soon that is a way for artists to upload their own music for others to download and play on Rock Band. Are we going to be playing Stereos on Rock Band anytime soon?

S: (Aaron) I’m on it. This is me telling you right now that it will absolutely happen because I’m a geek when it comes to that stuff, I will make the tracks myself!  There you have it folks, an exclusive: Stereos on Rock Band!

E: Do you think that auto-tuning is hurting the music industry? Not for effect the way you use it, but rather for giving the artist more talent than they actually have.

S: Look, they could’ve said the same thing about distorting guitar. It literally is the same thing. If you play a guitar chord and it is the wrong chord in the song, it’s gonna sound horrible no matter if you have reverb on it or delay or anything on it. You know, why don’t people say anything about how many people auto-tune bass live?

E: That’s very true.

S: We don’t rely on it. If I put a delay on my guitar, you know, it’s for the effect. We don’t use it 24/7 because it doesn’t sound good everywhere. We love it for the songs we use it on and when we don’t use it, it’s because the song doesn’t need it.

E: Quick wrap up… you guys have been together for about two years from the beginning, and your first record is set to drop this year.  Any details? Gimme another exclusive!

S: Yeah, October hopefully. Working with Universal helping us out. We’ll probably try to record 13-15 songs, given that we have about 20 written, and we’ll choose ten to eleven.

E: Awesome; can’t wait for it!

Make sure to continue checking out Stereos online at! You’ve probably been bombarded with Stereos news and media for the past two months if you’ve ever turned on Much Music for more than a second, but there’s a good reason. These are phenomenal guys and they’re only going to continue delivering their music, so you may as well jump on board. There’s no avoiding Stereos.