The Listening


When I buy a new album, I go immediately to the tracks I know because they provide a sort of level of guaranteed enjoyment. For whatever reason, I felt compelled to do exactly the opposite with “The Listening”, and it paid off big time; these new tracks instantly hooked me. Read on to find out why.

There are albums that you listen to because you like their sound, fewer because you like the artist, and even fewer because of both. Fortunately for LIGHTS, “The Listening” falls into the latter category.

Her debut full-length album hit Canadian shelves September 22nd and will do so in the USA on Oct0ber 6th.

The record is what you might expect if you’ve ever heard the songstress’ propensity for synthesizers and charming lyrics, but this one goes beyond the usual and offers something truly profound. Lyrics are deeper than the taste we got from her self-titled EP, and the sounds are much more mature. No dark themes here, just relatable, mature, yet happy-go-lucky music. It is evident through her lyrics that Lights was going through any bevy of circumstances, and her music serves its purpose well: to be an outlet for her emotions and thoughts.

In an interview a while back, Lights said that the last line of any chorus should provide the overall meaning to the song or define an answer or solution to the problem. I challenge you to find a song on this album that does not follow this rule. Now, you ask ‘Is it too predictable to have the last line mean something so concrete every single time?’. Let me know if you think these are just one liners or something more profound. I haven’t heard lyrics like these before in my life. They are truly philosophical statements unto themselves.

“I need a saviour.” (Saviour)

“Take me over, to some other unknown. Put me in the undertow.” (River)

“We’ll love, we’ll bend, let’s play pretend.” (Pretend)

And my personal favourite: “You don’t have to feel safe to feel unafraid.” (Lions!)

There is an obvious theme to the album: positivity. Sure, it can be said about lots of albums that its entirety is devoted to hope and love. And while I may be (am) biased towards all things LIGHTS, the album resonates with good vibes. Even songs like Saviour and Second Go which seem to be about relinquishing control to others, have a light of hope to them that bring out the best in the singer.

I’m usually pretty satirical about albums and concerts, and while I don’t feel the need to hold back when I truly love something, I have in fact held back here. I could write for hours and hours about the meaning of each song to me and how it relates to my life. But the beauty in an album so instantly relatable is having it mean something unique to¬†you.

The Listening is in stores (in Canada) now, and you owe it to yourself to hear the music and make it your own.