It’s no secret around here that we’re big fans of LIGHTS; she’s a Canadian born, completely original, synth-pop goddess. She writes comics, does video blogs (and not just ’cause the record company thinks it’s all the rage), and even makes her own music videos. In her apartment. With pencil crayons!

In any case, the songstress stopped by Much on Demand on Tuesday for an interview and performance (three songs: Saviour, Drive My Soul, and River), where I just happened to be passing through and snapped some pictures.

Her debut album, The Listening, also dropped Tuesday, so go check it out; I’ll have a full review of it tomorrow! (Hint: it’s insanely good). Enjoy the pictures from her MOD appearance. See you tomorrow!

(As always, you can click through to see larger versions of the pictures. Or, click HERE.)






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