Regina Spektor Live


Regina Spektor is one of those quasi-big names in the independent music scene that you either love or have no idea about. That’s right, if you know about her, you love her, because there is simply nothing not to love.

Her mix of daft, odd, maniacal, subdued, mellow, and comical lyrics are completely awash with British sensibilities, although she isn’t from the motherland. This Russian-born American songstress is multi-talented: she’s a pianist-singer-songwriter-guitarist-performer and her humble love for music shows through her frail gender-less body.

Regina is an absolute wonder to listen to; close your eyes and absorb the music and you might share my experience of lifting out of your chair and being taken to a different place. Her melodies are beautifully unique; that is, they are all quite quirky and will mean something different to different people.

Spektor played Sound Academy in Toronto Wednesday night to an absolutely packed house, and the vibe given off was amazing. This is the first concert I have been to in years that didn’t have the music pumping out at eleven. Her piano could be heard, but more importantly, the melody that she created with her voice, was clearly emanating throughout the audience. It was a spectacular evening, blemished by nothing.

Take a look at the pictures below. I decided to do them all B&W because the venue didn’t have fantastic lighting, and I think these make more of a statement. Make sure to click through to see the article on its own page so you actually see the full sized pictures. Enjoy!