LIGHTS @ New.Music.Live

If you’ve paid attention to any of our music posts, you’ll know that LIGHTS is no stranger to the ‘plante. The synth-pop Toronto-based popstar just released her second album, and this kick at the can is on par with the first. Now, before that sounds like an insult, keep in mind that an artist’s second album is always worse than the first. So when I say it’s on par, considering the first album was great, that’s a huge compliment.

LIGHTS’s Siberia is a more techno-sounding mix of her classic synthesizer pop, and her lyrics have become far more abstract in my opinion. I like it when songs aren’t exactly clear-cut, though, because you know that the song means something so much more personal to the artist. And the fact that it’s not entirely literal means you can make it mean whatever you want in your head.

The dark-haired songstress stopped by Much Music’s New.Music.Live and had a chat with Phoebe about her new album and the tour she’s embarking on. Take a look at some photos from the performance she gave to the packed studio and make sure to check back for more photos when we cover her show in November as she makes her way through Toronto.