Gerry Dee L!VE


Following the interview with Gerry Dee last week, I was lucky enough to attend his live performance at the Panasonic Theatre. Let me say: I was impressed.

Comics usually go through some similar material to get things started and then branch off into some newer stuff, and weave back and forth through the two throughout their show. Thankfully, Gerry managed to avoid the usual and stick to what he does best: making people laugh in an original way. And original he was. Sure, there was some classic THE BE-ARE LIKEDA THA HO-NEE material, but you need that material to keep the flow and, well, it’s just damn funny, so he can get away with it!

In our interview, Gerry mentioned that a lot of comedians start out with the same material: accents, airplane jokes, etc. In complete honesty, it was a bit difficult to believe that his work was so original that it wouldn’t feel like any other comedian. A lot of his comedy comes from his experience as a teacher. This provided a real sense of relatable humour because everyone has been a student, dealt with teachers, and had a child’s mentality. Everyone knew exactly what he was talking about, and that made the show funnier as a result.

Gerry Dee is like any normal guy. He loves sports, swearing, drinking (coolers), and his children. His comedy is contagious because he doesn’t limit himself to making fun of a specific race or group of people, but rather uses situations that most people understand and takes them to the next level with his own sense of wit and humour. He enunciates with a diction that is creatively his own, bringing his jokes to life and making them uniquely Gerry Dee.