Emily Osment L!VE


The Disney Channel has the habit of turning out typical cookie-cutter copies of the same cutesy teenage starlets, and for the most part, no one has really strayed from the model. Emily Osment seems to be the exception, as she is one of the first to come away from the channel with a record deal that is not with Disney Records. She’s got a surprisingly non-Miley sound, which is a welcome trait in a Cyrus-dominated world.

Emily played a show at Markville Mall in Toronto to hundreds of screaming fans on two levels of the mall. The beauty of the performance? An unheard of live, intimate performance with no lip-synching. Oh, and it was free for everyone.

Eggplante was lucky enough to sit down with Emily for a chat about all things life, love, music, and Nutella. Look out for the interview in a few days. While you wait, check out some photos of the show below!







You can find Emily Osment on Twitter @EmilyOsment