Leona Lewis @ MOD

Leona Lewis is back with a new album, and the (stunning) songstress was at Much On Demand yesterday to promote the album, titled Echo. There isn’t much to say about her other than what an amazing body the girl has. Superficial? Yes. But we all are, so just admit it and keep on living your life.

Take a look at the pictures below (and above) and check out Leona’s album on iTunes. The 16 track (sixteen!) deluxe edition includes a collaboration with OneRepublic as well as a few live versions of her latest songs. I think the album is better than her debut, although I didn’t care for it all that much to begin with, so I was perhaps starting out on a sloped hill. Either way, you should check out the new album. It’s got all sorts of sounds, from melodic to hip-hop, with essences of everything from Whitney Houston to Jay-Z. Enjoy!