LIGHTS @ Kool Haus

Search for LIGHTS on and you’ll find no less than seven articles about the heroine songstress. And with good reason too; she puts on an incredible live show, puts a whimsical touch on interviews, and has a glow about her that can only be captured when she talks about something she really loves (like beef jerky).

Let me start out by saying that I’m biased. I’ve been a fan of LIGHTS for a while, and I would probably love any show she put on, but this one was especially sweet because she has finally come home. “I’m home. I’m calling this my home from now on”, she spoke to the crowd mid-way through her show at the Kool Haus Thursday. The place was absolutely packed, with what appeared to be an infinite merch line.

Rather than coming out, playing a dozen songs, and leaving, LIGHTS made use of her other talents and implemented her online comic Captain Lights into the show by playing segments in between some songs. The crowd went wild for this as it meant she left the stage just long enough to keep them wanting more, and delivering with her running back on stage immediately to satiate the need for techno-synth pop. The stage was remarkably barren, a fitting scenario, considering the music is made up mostly of electric sounds rather than dedicated guitars, a bass, or other instruments. However, LIGHTS’s background duo Adam and Maurie were on hand to deliver live tunes and drumming to the crowd, respectively. Incredible energy was coming from those guys and they deserve great respect for that.

This is the first show in Toronto the songwriter has played since her album The Listening was released September 22nd. The crowd went wild for some of her biggest hits but even more so for the new tracks, clamouring for Lions!, River, and Second Go, among others.

I managed to get some great pictures of the show. These sets are unique. Some happened to turn out very emotional and mellow, hence the black and white tones. Others are more upbeat and fiery. Leave your feedback in the comments below!

You better check out this chick soon before she gets incredibly huge! She is incredibly popular now, and the crowds are only getting larger. She tours Europe with Owl City in January 2010, exposing her to even larger masses of crowds. Don’t be surprised if her next Toronto venue is the Rogers Centre!

You can follow LIGHTS on twitter (@lights) and get her album from iTunes now! She has also recently released The Ice Pack, a collection of remixes of her massively popular single “Ice”, for which a new video was recently released.