A Push for the Aubergine

Eggplante is nearing its first birthday in a few short months, and we’ve got some pretty intense stuff planned out for all you loyal readers. We’re looking to get a short video portion going, in addition to something called “vignettes”. But you’ll hear more about that later. For now, we need the biggest push for Eggplante that you can muster. Twitter, Facebook, tell your friends, update your status, and email people at random. Okay, that last one is called spam, and no one likes it, so don’t be spamming, but your friends list is fair game. All the vital details are below. Now go for it! Make Eggplante as popular as we all know it can be!

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We’re working hard to bring you great content, but there has been a slight lull lately do to a whole bunch of factors. I’m personally working very hard to get some unique pictures of Toronto up, as there are some great sights to be seen and they should be showcased on a decidedly photo-obsessed website, no? As for recent news coverage, there are some events we would’ve like to have been at, but again something held us back. With that said, here is at least some of the recent news from the heart of Toronto.

iPhone Tech Talk Toronto: Apple holds something called developer “Tech Talks” at a few cities around the world every year. They are confidential events (and clearly marked as such) meant to bring developers together to discuss trade secrets, learn proper Apple-sanctioned techniques, and schmooze among the crowd. The event was fully catered and offered an impressive collection of breakfast and lunch items, as well as a wine and cheese reception. Of course, the focus was to enlighten developers and Apple delivered; their technology “evangelists” took the stages in various conference rooms and highlighted very dry material in very exciting ways.

Much Music VJ 2.0 Selected: I can’t say I’m all too happy with this one. I am not a huge fan of the new VJ choice Liz Trinnear, although to be perfectly honest, I didn’t like Jesse Giddings all that much, but my opinion changed when I actually met him in person (really stand-up guy; I got some genuine niceness out of him). With that said, I think Ally Walker should have won, if only for her smile, but who knows how I will feel after I see and meet the new VJ in the flesh.