Jason Derulo @ Much Music

Jason Derulo has a hit right now. And his next might be, too. But after that, I’m not sure this guy has much of a career. In every interview I’ve seen of Jason, he sings his name, acts all cocky, and then pretends to wash it off and get all self-conscious. I think people see through it. All the trappings of a one or two-hit wonder to me. His song is catchy, yes, but only because Imogen Heap made it that catchy so many years ago.

Jason is going to be in a movie that comes out late-March. Two things can be said about this one: one, it’s a dance movie in the style of Step Up which seem played out to me; two, who knows, maybe his acting will be phenomenal anyways and it’ll make the whole thing worth it. Let’s just say I won’t exactly be lining up outside at midnight for this one. It isn’t even listed on IMDb.

With that said, he is quite photogenic, so take a look at the pictures below and let me know what you think in the comments, Twitter, or on Facebook!