Justin Bieber is dead.

The Eggplante has been on a bit of a hiatus lately, as you may have noticed. The reason? A much needed vacation. There is no reason for the silence other than the lack of content to post up. I’m away in Europe for the first time in four years, visiting family, travelling with friends, and making some memories. With that said, I just haven’t been able to attend any concerts or events that I could post on Eggplante. Of course, resident game reviewer John Kalanderopoulos is on top of the game reviews floating around on here, and I’ve got some long-awaited pictures from the Much Music Video Awards coming up soon.

I do have some pretty great news, however. First off, Justin Bieber is dead. Okay, we all wish, but in any case, I return to North America in less than one month, and in the first two weeks I am back there, I’ve got about five concerts to attend and am going to be bringing back the best photos and concert review you’ve seen on here in a while (if only because there haven’t been any recently).

See you soon, and enjoy the teaser from the MMVA photos!