Enter the Metro with THQ’s Metro: Last Light

Originally known as Metro 2034, THQ is bringing to make a sequel to its 2010 survival-horror shooter Metro2033.

Announced at E3 2011, what is now known as Metro: Last Light is a gripping thrill ride taking place in the relatively near future underneath a missile-ridden Moscow. We were nothing short of blown away by Last Light at last year’s reveal of the game, and it looks to be coming along in even better fashion now.

Because we didn’t get a chance to play the game then, we can only judge it based on what we saw, but what we saw was incredible. The visuals of the game are probably the most photo-realistic we have ever seen, and the trailer from last year (which we’ve posted below) plays out like a hundred-million dollar Hollywood epic.

The audio in the game is also phenomenal, with real-time echoes and superb voice acting from what we could gather. Once you see the trailer, you’ll no doubt understand our hyperbolic stance on describing the game.

Today, THQ has released a live-action short showing off the events leading up to Metro, beginning with a massive missile strike, and ending with people trying to force their way into a massive underground bunker that was once the subway beneath the city. Take a look:

The game has unfortunately been pushed back from its original Summer 2012 release date to sometime in early 2013, but with an epic this large, we fully expect it to delay past next year’s E3 for release next holiday season. With that said, the game is also coming to Wii U, which could make it one of the platform’s killer titles in the hardcore segment and really show off what the hardware can do.

Take a look at all the goodies and don’t forget to check out the live-action short at www.enterthemetro.com. We’ve got a booth tour with THQ set up at E3 this year, and we’ll get details straight from the source to you as soon as we’ve got them!