Free Xbox LIVE Gold weekend starts today, through Sunday

They just celebrated ten years of online connectivity, and now Microsoft is opening up their Xbox LIVE Gold-subscription online service to everyone this weekend for a trial. The free weekend will last through Sunday, December 2nd, and is available to anyone with an Xbox 360.

Anyone in the world can hop on board, with no registration or information necessary. They will have access to online multiplayer gaming (arguably the biggest reason for a Gold subscription), the new Internet Explorer for Xbox 360, Video Kinect, and the entire catalog of entertainment apps during the free weekend period.

We foresee a ton of lost productivity this coming weekend, and while the free trial is really a sales technique to get people into the Xbox LIVE mood and hop online and play some games, we can’t fault Microsoft in the least for getting their service out there. Say what you will about the fact that you have to pay for a premium membership, but the service has some of the best features on any platform, in addition to having smooth, lag-free multiplayer gameplay. Can’t argue there.

So why are you still here? Hop online on Xbox LIVE and add us as a friend! Our gamertag is, you guessed it: Eggplante.