New Yoshi title to follow in Kirby’s Epic Yarn footsteps

Yarn-Yoshi-4Another new title was announced by Nintendo today, this one featuring everyone’s favourite little green dinosaur, Yoshi.

Under development by the same designer and much of the same team that worked on 2010’s Kirby’s Epic Yarn, the new Yoshi title will feature a similar yarn-based art style and likely very similar mechanics to the Kirby-based title.

Lead by Takashi Tezuka, the story director for Yoshi’s Story and Yoshi’s Island, the last two real entries in Yoshi’s storyline, we don’t know much about the game aside from its art style. The game is still as-yet-unnamed, though many sites are referring to it as “Yoshi’s Epic Yarn” or “Yarn Yoshi.” We do know, however, that the team at Good-Feel alongside HAL Laboratory will be working on the title.

We don’t have any word on a release date yet, but given that we barely saw any real amount of footage of the game and the fact that there was no mention of a playable demo to be found at E3 this year, we’d say we’re looking at a 2014 release timeframe.