Music Spotlight: Boyce Avenue

Twitter_Profile_PicIn this month’s Music Spotlight (yes, we realize we missed January, but it was a hectic month), we’re taking a look at arguably one of the biggest cover bands on YouTube. They’re called Boyce Avenue and their lead singer, Alejandro, has a way of making any type of music – pop, rock, or Call Me Maybe – into sweet, melodic tunes.

Boyce Avenue manages to make stunning music videos alongside their fresh take on some of our favourite music. The videos do get a bit repetitive at times, as they’re often basement videos and shot with some monochrome or sepia-tone filter. It gives the videos a nice look, but they all end up blurring together as one.

The band has played to many shows all over the world, including some in Asia, Australia, and Europe. They’ve also got their own original music in addition to the covers that they started with, though we honestly prefer hearing renditions of songs we already know. There is a lot more vocal range in Boyce Avenue’s own music, but when we want to hear something soothing and calm, we know we can put on one of our favourite songs and not have to deal with an intense beat when we play Alejandro’s tunes.

They’re not entirely solo artists, either. Boyce Avenue has worked with many other YouTube cover artists like Tiffany Alvord and Megan Nicole. In fact, they’ve got 21 videos all lined-up and ready to go in a playlist called Cover Collaborations if you’re looking for some Boyce Avenue and a little bit extra on the side.

One of our favourite go-to bands for covers, Boyce Avenue is certainly one to check out if you haven’t already. You can take a look at their YouTube channel, website, and follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

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