Bungie posters arriving; Destiny to be announced Sunday?

destiny-bungie-leak-e1360964096800It appears as if a few retail outlets (most notably GameStop and Best Buy) have received some posters for the as-yet-unannounced Destiny from Bungie.

Okay, so the game’s name has technically been announced, and Bungie being one of the most secretive companies in the world, has actually let quite a bit more slip out than they probably wanted. We got a good look at a veritable ton of screenshots and story details, as well as yearly release information about the franchise.

The company is also planning on talking about the game at GDC in March, but the company’s blog has noted that we’ll actually be getting more Destiny info in the coming days. There’s also the following tweet about the game being revealed on Bungie’s official game page.

The posters that we’ve seen floating around on the web must therefore be legitimate, as Best Buy’s versions even include the topper that asks customers to reserve their copy immediately! Bungie’s site has been counting down for five days, and if their usual superstition using the number seven means anything, that puts a reveal of the game at this Sunday, February 17th.

destinyfrontOf course, if you can’t wait, you can always head into your local Best Buy or GameStop and ask them if they’ll let you preorder the game. We have to say that the poster does look pretty fantastic and very framable.

The interesting thing to wonder here is whether or not Bungie will reveal all the platforms the game will be on. We doubt they will say anything like PlayStation 4 or Xbox 720, but they could announce the game is coming to all next-generation platforms as well as current ones, even though nothing has been announced yet. Bungie tends to be pretty respectful about this kind of thing.

If the first game in the series does indeed arrive this year as we expect, will it mean the return of Bungie to E3? Will we see the game in playable form? And at which conference will they bring more information to us? They could rekindle ties with Microsoft (not to say that the relationship was soured with the split) or jump over to Sony and give them an exclusive. They might even be at Sony’s event next week, though we do have to say we have our doubts.

We’re stoked to see that Bungie is back, and it seems to be in a very big way, even if that white floating moon planet thing is a bit reminiscent of 343’s Didact from Halo 4. Old habits die hard.