We just took a look at Bungie’s ViDoc for their new title, Destiny, and what should set them on the course for the next ten years in game development for the masses.

But when we ventured on to Bungie’s website, we noticed that the source code for the game included a listing for “ps4” as well as “xbox720”, “psvita”, “pc”, and “wiiu” within it. Take a look at a snap of the website’s code for yourself, all taken from www.destinythegame.com, a website owned by Bungie to let people learn about the game:


There is other code that lists off the available pre-order options for the game which, at this point, are limited to current-gen offerings, but could easily be expanded to include next generation consoles as well.

Is Bungie just listing off consoles at this point, or are these actual consoles that they are planning to release games on? If they’re just listing off console possibilities, why is there no mention of 3DS?

What do you make of this? Sound off on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments below!

Update: Eurogamer has an article saying that Bungie would “absolutely love to be on the PC … So, stay tuned.” Sounds like they’ve already planned it out to us.

Update #2: A few users on NeoGAF have pointed out that Activision often uses placeholders in all their source code, specifically for Black Ops II‘s website. However, after doing a whois search of both domains, the Black Ops II site, as well as Activision.com is registered to Mary Tuck, Senior Director of Litigation at the company. The Bungie website we noted above, www.destinythegame.com, is a private domain. It makes us wonder why if all other Activision domains are publicly registered. Could the domain be registered by Bungie and they’re not just placeholders? We have a feeling we’ll find out when Sony announces whatever they’re going to announce next week. We’ve posted a bunch of whois reference links for anyone interested in seeing the ownership of these things.

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  1. Ralph

    Keep in mind that the 3DS probably doesn’t have the power to maintain a massive MMOFPSRPG, whike the Vita is on par with PS3 graphics.

    • Jay Garvens

      Not true.  The Vita’s graphics look close to PS3 graphics, but that doesn’t mean it’s as powerful as a PS3.  Lets not forget that Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS boasts visuals that are awfully close to 360/PS3 levels.  The 3DS can pull off visual effects that the Wii can’t even do.  It’s not as powerful as Vita, but it’s also not as far behind the Vita as you think.  Pulling off stereoscopic 3D effects while keeping a constant frame rate, takes a lot of power.  If they were to completely ignore the stereoscopic 3D in a game, it could look even better than Resident Evil Revelations, and even closer to Vita level.  The 3DS could probably run  a very slightly watered down Vita version of the game.

      • Macarena

        “Lets not forget that Resident Evil Revelations on 3DS boasts visuals that are awfully close to 360/PS3 levels.”

        Are you serious? Seriously? I’m very curious to know to what PS3 game you are comparing Revelations 3DS.

        “Awfully close”. No man, just no.

      • Anonymous

        The combined resolution of the three screens the 3DS has to render is still less than that of the Vita. In fact, the Vita has to render nearly twice as many pixels.

        Combined 3DS resolution- 20×240 + 400×240 + 400×240 = 268,800 pixels. Vita resolution- 960×544 = 522,240 pixels.

        Revelations looked good, but not PS3 good. Looked somewhere between Resident Evil 4 and 5.

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  4. Notika

    That would be awesome to have that Destiny Game on Wii U !! Won’t have to buy a PS4 if it’s too high in price!!

    • Hadouken

       If you want to TRULY  enjoy next gen gaming you will have to buy a PS4 or a X720 or a good PC. WiiU is a joke as pathetic as it’s sales.

  5. Kilroy

    It feels to me that the Vita and 3DS version with just be mobile add-ons for the WiiU and PS3/4, while Xbox mobile will be on PC and/or SmartPhones, not saying that PC won’t also have the full game. I just believe the Vita and 3DS won’t.


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