Our Favourite Moments launches with LEGO City: Undercover

In every game we play, there are a few key things that make it great. Of course, we’re speaking solely of the games we enjoy playing, but that’s implied. Rather than rely on just our words for seeing just what makes a game fun and exciting, we thought we’d deliver something more unique to you, in a series we’re calling Our Favourite Moments.

Each time we do a console review for a game we actually like, we’re going to put together a hodgepodge of clips from the game that show off just why it’s so great. It could be what makes the game fun, brutal action sequences, or a few lines of witty and clever dialogue.

Luckily, our first game in the series is probably one of the best written games we’ve played, and if you’ve read our review of it, you’ll know that we think it’s the best reason to own a Wii U to date. Of course, we’re talking about LEGO City: Undercover.

Chase McCain and his comrades all have some funny stuff to say, but nothing beats it out better than Mr. Schwarzenegger hamming it up throughout a big chunk of the game. We won’t spoil it for you, so take a look at our first in our new series, Our Favourite Moments.