Pokemon X and Y news coming next Saturday

It’s been quiet on the Pokémon front since we heard about the upcoming Pokémon X and Pokémon Y titles back in early January.

Late Saturday evening however, the official Twitter account for Pokémon North America lit up with this tweet, confirming that we’ll finally be getting some more news on the new games:

Whether we’ll be seeing the news in a Nintendo Direct or Pokémon Direct format like we’ve seen in the past remains to be seen, but the tweet does mention “big” news, so we’re hoping for a few more things.

While we’d love for a few more Pokémon to be revealed, we’d actually prefer more information about the gameplay styles, whether it will remain completely linear or perhaps open up to something a bit more choice-based. Some information on the character we’re playing might be nice, as well as the region and its size.

Beyond that, we expect that we’ll get a few new Pokémon thrown into the mix as we slowly creep up to the global October release.

We’ll keep you updated with all the latest on Pokémon as it comes to us, and you can bet we’ll be talking about it on the 8 Bit Awesome podcast next week! Stay tuned!