Watch an entire dungeon in the new Zelda 3DS

ctrp_zelda_scrn05_ev04There’s no doubt that Nintendo is getting a lot of hype over what is their first original Zelda title for their latest handheld console.  A Link to the Past 2 (tentatively titled, of course) has been making the rounds in the press and while we haven’t had a chance to get hands-on with it directly, there are a few ways you can see what this game is all about.

Joystiq has a short write-up of what you can expect from one of the game’s dungeons. IGN also has an opinion on the game so far, in addition to some video fighting the classic boss Moldorm.

Perhaps our favourite demo of the game, however, is from Nintendomination, which played the demo level in A Link to the Past 2 in its entirety, but with a dedicated audio stream coming in from the 3DS. All you hear is beautiful, orchestral music, and crystal clear audio from the device. It is also clear that the original themes from the original A Link to the Past have been rerecorded with a live symphony.

To be clear, everyone is playing the same level in A Link to the Past 2. Our take is that it is either a dungeon very early on in the game, a mini-dungeon part way through Link’s adventure, or just something put together to demo the game in its current form. Of course, it could be part of a real dungeon, as the entire thing would probably take about 10 minutes to clear; far too short for a classic handheld Zelda dungeon.

From the video itself, we can tell that the touchscreen is actually not used all that much. It does house a very traditional-looking Zelda map that could be cycled through if you get stuck, as well as what looks like a way to adjust the controls you have set to X and Y.

There’s an interesting “Collect” button on the bottom screen which doesn’t give away its function. It’s got what appears to be a bag of rupees next to it, though we can’t fathom any idea as to what it actually does.

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